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We are an integrated builder and developer, committed to creating high quality premium residential projects that are designed and built for purpose, location, and lifestyle – for now and in the future.

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I have been a structural engineer for the past 29 years and have seen my designed buildings come to fruition and last the test of time. I have worked with John for 10+ years and have appreciated his high attention to detail which permitted us as the design engineers to produce a highly efficient, cost effective and durable solution for his projects.

Thomas Gabele

Director, Motus Consulting

We have worked with many developers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the last 30 years. We have worked with John and his team on a number of residential developments and he has always delivered on these projects in a personal and sincere way to exceed our customers expectations. John is constantly implementing innovative design and construction solutions whilst adopting best practices to improve the outcomes on every single development he creates. His team are a standout in the industry.

Tony Ashwin

Director, Ashwin Property

My initial connection with the Kearney family was with John’s grandfather who I worked closely with in relation to his development projects and subdivision of land for over a twenty year period on the Gold Coast. More recently over the last 20 years I have continued this relationship working with John on his projects again on the Gold Coast. I value this long lasting relationship with the Kearney family. It has been a pleasure working with John over the years who has always shown great integrity and ingenuity. I have always found him respectful of his consultants and admire his professionalism.

Colin Hansen

Director, Andrews & Hansen

We have worked for John Kearney and his associated companies for more than 10 years. John Kearney is one of our preferred clients. He has proven to be a loyal client expecting a high standard of design for his quality projects. He has been open and honest in all our dealings, and we look forward to working with Immerse Projects on future developments.

Andrew Guthrie

Director, Guthrie Associates

John took over my construction practise over a period of 4 years between 2010-2014. I am pleased to have seen him continue to deliver the high quality of construction synonymise with our companies legacy.

Michael Byrne

Open License Builder, Byrne Projects QLD

I am passionate about designing aesthetically appealing projects that are complex in experience but simple in delivery! For that reason, I enjoy working with developers that are committed to delivering the best possible outcome for each project without over complicating the process. I have worked with John for over nine years and appreciate his experienced eye for detail that enables a smooth delivery of a quality homes.

Chris Cumming

Associate Director, BDA Architecture

Over my 30 years in town planning on the Gold Coast I have experienced several market cycles with the attendant challenges for my developer clients. Our business is based around working with quality clients that understand the local market and have solid fundamentals. John has been one of our key clients for the past 7+ years. John is always well prepared and strategic in his approach, which resulted in quality, successful developments in all market conditions. I have always been proud to work with John, due to the way he conducts himself, his work ethic and integrity. He is a man of his word and well respected in the industry, a result of consistently delivering projects to the high standards required to achieve longevity in a challenging industry.

Michael Nash

Director and Senior Town Planner, Urban Planning Services

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